Aaj Ka Vakya To Learn Different Languages

Aaj Ka Vakya

Our country is known as a Country of Diversity, as we have different geographical landscapes, multiple religions, different languages, different cultures, and different regional languages, etc. To ensure everyone understands different languages, MHRD has taken the initiative of Aaj Ka Vakya.

The aim of this is to learn a new sentence every day in 22 different languages and experience the rich linguistic diversity of our country.

AajKaVakya is currently being presented in (1) Assamese, (2) Bengali, (3) Bodo, (3) Dogri, (4) Gujrati, (5) Hindi, (6) Kannada, (7) Kashmiri, (8) Konkani, (9) Maithili, (10) Malayalam, (11) Manipuri, (12) Marathi, (13) Odia, (14) Punjabi, (16) Sanskrit, (17) Santali, (18) Sindhi, (19) Tamil, (20) Telgu, (21) Urdu and (22) Nepali

For example, Aaj Ka Vakya or today’s sentence is ‘Please carry an umbrella, it may rain today’.

Click here to visit the MHRD website where a sentence is published every day. The interested visitor has to click on the sentence to see the translated version of the sentence.

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