Has your child registered for AI Student Community?

AI Student Community

CBSE in collaboration with Intel is organizing AI Student Community – a youth-driven platform. The aim is to encourage collaborative learning, sharing, and creating AI-enabled social impact solutions among the school students.

The objective is to help create a ‘Digital First’ mindset, unlock the true potential of AI for society, and build an AI-ready generation.

AI Student Community (AISC) aims to:

▪ Provide a platform for students to come together for learning and sharing experiences
▪ Leverage peer knowledge to create AI-enabled social impact solutions
▪ Spread AI awareness in an inclusive way

Key features of AISC:

1. This community is for students from all across the country.
2. Students will be able to register using basic information and later on access the website using a Login ID and a password.
3. Registered Students will be able to:

▪ Learn AI as a skill and its application for social impact projects through real-time webinars with Intel® AI certified coaches and experts
▪ Access AI learning resources curated from across the world
▪ Attend webinars and face to face boot camps to enhance their AI skills
▪ Participate in online challenges to test their knowledge and up-level themselves
▪ Share their experiences as Blogs
▪ Connect with students from across the country
▪ Discuss and deliberate on relevant AI topics in a moderator curated forum
▪ Get an opportunity to participate in national and international competitions and attend exclusive boot camps

To register, the AISC platform can be accessed on the CBSE website under the tab ‘AI Student Community’.

Click here to know more about the ‘AI Student Community’, please refer to the Information Manual.

In case of doubt, queries, or feedback you can write ai4cbse@gmail.com or jsse.cbse@gmail.com.

CBSE has requested the school management to visit and join this community and also share this information with students to encourage the their participation.

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