Anugunj 2021 by School Education Department

Anugunj 2021

A two-day ceremony ‘Anugunj 2021’ is being organized by the School Education Department at Government Subhash School of Excellence in Bhopal.

The function was inaugurated today at 6.30 pm by the Minister of State for School Education Shri Inder Singh Parmar. School Education Minister Shri awarded paintings and saplings to Ms. Guru Shruti, Mr. Dharmesh, Mr. Morris Lazarus, Dr. Lal Singh Munshi, Mr. Dayanidhi Mohanta Ms. Bindu Juneja, among others, who have contributed and made a creative effort to enrich education with art. The two-day ceremony will conclude on Tuesday, March 16, and Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan is expected to attend it as the Chief Guest.

On the first day ‘Rangkar’ of Anugunj 2021, a drama based on जातक कथाएं, or Jataka tale – ‘Nirvandwa’, an interesting story of the rural environment was presented.

Second performance by the student artists and mentored by Mr. Saurabh Anant was a मिजाओगी खोंगचट a Manipuri drama which is a theatrical adaptation of the folklore of Manipur. The play is based on two separate Manipuri folk tales. According to Manipuri culture, the combination of the names of the characters, clothing, interesting music and melodious songs make this theatrical performance attractive.

We congratulate the School Education Department for organizing the event and giving an opportunity to the students to show their skills.

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