Apna Raasta Khud Banayein a book for youth

Apna Raasta Khud Banayein

Renowned litterateur and writer, Pt. Hari Om Sharma ‘Hari’ met famous Comedian, Hashya SaMr.at, and Chairman of UP Films Development Council, Mr. Raju Srivastava at his office in Lok Bhawan and presented him a copy of his book ‘Apna Raasta Khud Banayein’.

Mr. Srivastava showed great interest in the ‘Apna Raasta Khud Banayein’ book and congratulated Pt. Hari Om Sharma ‘Hari’ for writing this inspiring book. He said that this book is really a great source of motivation for youth and expressed his faith that the book will be successful in instilling human values in youth. This information has come from Mr. Rajendra Chaurasia, personnel secretary of Pt. Hari Om Sharma ‘Hari’.

Mr. Chaurasia further stated that at this meeting a discussion was held with Pt. Sharma about the film industry in the state. Pt. Sharma will be meeting with Mr. Srivastava again shortly to present his book of stories ‘Jad, Jameen, Jahan’ which contains 33 motivations stories based upon values, moral teachings, and social concerns. In his next meeting, Pt. Sharma will be discussing with Mr. Srivastava if the stories of ‘Jad, Jameen, Jahan’ could be used as a film script. Pt. Sharma would like to offer his stories for free as a film script if Mr. Srivastava shows any interest in film production.

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