Art competition on International Tiger Day

International Tiger Day

Department of Environment, Forest and Climate Change is organizing an online art competition on the occasion of International Tiger Day. The aim of the competition is with the goal to promote a global system for the protection of Natural Habitat and raise awareness for the tiger conservation issue.

Theme of the art competition: ‘Protect tigers and their habitat’

Prize and Recognition for the competition:

  • A Certificate for appreciation from the Department of Environment Forest and Climate Change Govt. of Bihar
  • A memento from the DEFCC.
  • Department will promote the painting and artist through its Social media handle (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

Highlights of the art competition:

  1. No entry fee to participate in the art competition which is open to only the Indian citizens.
  2. Last Date of submission form: 10th August 2020
  3. The result shall be declared on 15th August 2020
  4. Online Exhibition of the paintings from 16th August to 20th August 2020
  5. The painting is to be submitted online in JPEG or PDF format.
  6. The result of the art competition shall be published on the Notice Board of the website of the department, i.e., as well as MyGov portal

Click here to read Terms and Conditions

So, what are you waiting for!!! Click here t o register for the competition.

Do you know

Since you are here, you should also know: –

International Tiger Day is held on the 29th of July every year. The day is celebrated all over the world to spread and raise awareness about the dwindling count of the tigers.

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