Aryabhata Ganit Challenge 2020 For Students

Aryabhata Ganit Challenge 2020

Aryabhata Ganit Challenge 2020 available on the DIKSHA platform from 12th November 2020 to 25th November 2020 for school students.

Students can also engage with a fun video on Algebra and reading material on Srinivas Ramanujan, one of India’s greatest Mathematicians.

Aryabhata Ganit Challenge 2020

Additionally, students can attempt the Aryabhata Ganit Practice set to build some confidence in answering real-life context problems before attempting the Aryabhata Ganit Challenge 2020.

  • Aryabhata Ganit Challenge (AGC) was initiated by the Board to enhance mathematical abilities among students in the year 2019.
  • The challenge is for the school students from class 8 to 10 irrespective of the Board.
How to access:
  • Student needs to join the “Aryabhata Ganit Challenge – 2020” course on DIKSHA portal on the computer or via DIKSHA app on Android mobile. iPhone users can access the quiz on any mobile browser.
  • Interested students can click the following links here to attempt the challenge
  • The student has to enter the registered email address and password to login.
  • On reaching the “Aryabhata Ganit Challenge – 2020” course home page, please click on the “Join Course” to register.
  • Once joined, students will be able to access different modules of this course.

However, if not registered, Students can register in the DIKSHA by clicking on the “Register here” button on the page.

Note: –

  1. Participation certificates will be issued online after fourteen days on the DIKSHA platform itself upon 100% completion of the course.
  2. Click here to read the circular published by CBSE in this regard.
  3. Moreover, detailed instructions are provided for accessing the course on
    1. computer and participating in the challenge is given in Annexure – 1.
    1. DIKSHA mobile app and participating in the challenge is given in Annexure – 2.
  4. Instructions to access participation certificates are given in Annexure – 3.

At last, we request the Parents and Guardians to encourage their children to participate in the challenge as per the schedule.

In case of any clarification, parents, guardians, and students can send an email to

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