BRICSMATHS Online International Competition

BRICSMATHS Competition

BRICSMATHS Online International Competition is being organized by the BRICSMATHS.COM for students from Grades 1 to 12. Above all only teachers or parents can register their students or children for the competition. There is no registration charge for the competition.

The event is going to bring together more than 5 million children from seven (7) different countries.

BRICSMATHS Competition

Objective of the Competition:-

The aim of the competition is to develop creative thinking and to motivate children to learn. For instance, the tasks are given in a children-friendly game form. The competition helps to develop logical reasoning, intelligence, and spatial thinking.

In conclusion, BRICSMATH competition develops the logical reasoning skills of students. There is no syllabus for the competition and the students do not need to study for the competition.

Important dates: –

  • The trial round is from 19th October to 15th November 2020.
  • The main round (60 mins) is from 16th November to 15th December 2020

It will give students an opportunity to practice before the main round. It is not going to affect the main round.


The winner’s certificate will be awarded to the participating students who score the maximum points during the competition which means

  • 100 points in grades 1-4, and
  • 80 points in grades 5-12 grades.

The first 1000 students to score the maximum score and solve all the tasks of the main round in the shortest possible time are going to receive the Amazon Pay voucher as a gift.

However, all other participants will receive awards according to the points they score.

To receive the certificates and see the results, participants need to log into the website. Both the school students and the schoolteachers can download the certificates.

Click here to go through the details and register for the BRICSMATHS Online International Competition.

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