CBSE Art Integrated Learning

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CBSE has brought another Art Integrated Learning competition for the teachers. The objective of the competition is to motivate and encourage all the teachers to adopt and implement Art-Integrated Learning.

The competition has started on 14th October and is going to end on 14th November 2020. School teachers can research, innovate, and create unique exemplars and showcase their skills of creativity and innovation.

Art Integrated Learning

The exemplars can be prepared topic and subject wise. The exemplars to be submitted along with taxonomy as per the format prescribed in the annexure I. Teachers can find the Annexure I at the end of the circular published by CBSE. Click here to read the complete circular.

Teachers can submit their exemplars through the link available on and

The best exemplars of each subject and class are going to be published on the CBSE website. The winners will be awarded with an Online Certificate of Merit.

CBSE has requested all the School Heads to encourage the participation of teachers in this competition. For any query, School Staff can write an e-mail at

Since you are here you should know:

  • CBSE has introduced Art- Integrated Learning in all its affiliated schools vide Circular No. Acad-12/2019 dated 8th March 2019. The Board has also issued Guidelines on Art-Integrated Learning vide Circular No. Acad-22/2019 dated 18.04.2019 with an aim to facilitate teachers and principals for implementing Art Integrated Learning as a pedagogical tool for experiential and joyful learning in classroom situations as well as building a joyful learning environment in the school.
  • The Art-Integration guidelines of the Board enlists various suggestive activities, projects, assignments, and lesson plans.
  • School staff can access the guidelines from the link.

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