CBSE Pedagogical Leadership Handbook Part II

CBSE Pedagogical Leadership Handbook

CBSE Pedagogical Leadership Handbook was launched for School Management or School Principals. But how many School Principals or People from the School Management have actually gone through it.

This handbook is a collaborative effort between CBSE and NIEPA (National Institute for Educational Planning and Administration). Two editions are published to date, one in November 2020 and March 2021.

In the light of National Education Policy 2020, CBSE expects the school principals to transform into pedagogical leaders for improving the school student learning process.

So why did CBSE launch this handbook?

The objective of the handbook is to prepare the school leadership to traverse the path from being just an administrator to a self-aware individual who understands, acts, and reflects on the processes for evolving as a Pedagogical Leader

A few important sections from the Handbook: –

Meaning of School Leadership in the Indian Context

It explains school leadership in the Indian context, which can be described by its core four functions, which are interrelated

  1. Direct Others
  2. Influence Others
  3. Work with Others
  4. Empower Others

Moreover, these four functions represent the school principal four leadership styles to manage and lead the school. These are Responsive, Network, Responsible, and Inclusive. To learn more about the meaning of school leadership, go to page 34 of the handbook.

Effect of School Leadership on Student Learning

School leadership can affect the students learning in multiple ways. A well-known Professor Vivian Robinson has explained these effects. According to the professor, there can be four types of effects because of school leadership on students.

They are direct, mediated or indirect, reciprocal, and inverse effects of school leadership.

However, to learn more about these effects, go to page 39 of the handbook.

Pedagogical Leadership Framework

The handbook provides a framework for Pedagogical Leadership. This framework constitutes of the following concepts

  1. Layers: provide the overarching concept and constitute the broad base of the framework.
  2. Descriptors: are the key functions that constitute the entire layer.
  3. Actionable(s): are the measures / steps/ processes that may be followed to attain the functions that are outlined in the descriptors.

There are three layers in the framework and each layer has a unique attribute and associated descriptors and actionable.

Three layers are as follows: –

  1. 1st Layer: Setting the direction for school improvement and student learning
  2. 2nd Layer: Practicing pedagogical leadership.
  3. 3rd Layer: Assuring student learning.

However, to learn more about the Pedagogical Leadership Framework, go to page 45 of the handbook.

In the coming weeks, we will try to bring a few more sections from the CBSE Pedagogical Leadership Handbook.

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