Certified Game Developer Title For CMS Student

Digital Learning

Rakshit Rao, a brilliant student of Class VI, City Montessori School, Kanpur Road Campus, has earned the prestigious title of WhiteHat Jr Certified Game Developer thus bringing laurels to the institution. This title was awarded to Rakshit on account of his in-depth knowledge and creativity in computer science as displayed during his participation in a coding session of WhiteHat Jr, an educational institution of Computer Science.

Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS, Mr. Hari Om Sharma, informed that WhiteHat Jr is an online global coding platform for honing and showcasing the computer talent and skills of children aged 6 – 14 years.

Certified Game Developer

By winning this title, Rakshit proved that a promising future awaits him and he is sure to attain high praise and laurels for his country in the years to come. CEO of WhiteHat Jr, Mr. Karan Bajaj presented him with a certificate of merit as a Certified Computer Game Developer.

Mr. Sharma further stated that CMS encourages its students to participate in creative and innovative competitions to hone their talents and keep pace with life. It aims at imparting quality education to children and prepares them as world leaders who can lead society with their broad and humanistic approach. Therefore, CMS students win the maximum number of national and international awards and bring glory for the state and the country.

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