Cicadas males collective noise approach 90 decibels


Eastern parts of the United States experience an unusual phenomenon every 13 to 17 years when insects called cicadas to emerge from the ground in huge numbers. These insects are harmless and the collective noise made by Cicadas males can approach 90 decibels.

There are more than 3,000 species of these insects. The best-known species in North America are periodical cicadas. These 5-centimeter- (2-inch-) long insects typically emerge from the ground once every 13 or 17 years. There are 15 different cicada broods, which emerge in a specific region of the country and are identified by a Roman numeral. The 2021 group, a 17-year variety, is called “Brood X.”

It is interesting to know 99% of life is spent underground by the Periodical cicadas. There, they slurp nutrient-rich fluids from the roots of certain trees and shrubs. These underground young are known as nymphs. This immature stage resembles adults.

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