Clean India Drive How Schools can contribute

Clean India Programme

The Government will launch a month-long nationwide Clean India Drive to clean waste, mainly single-use plastic,  from 1st -31st  October 2021. Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, Shri Anurag Thakur announced this on a social media platform. He said that as we observe Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav celebrates 75 years of India’s Independence, it is our resolve to create a plastic-free India, an India of Gandhiji’s dreams. And as per the vision of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in which Swachchta occupies the topmost priority.

Do you know what Mahatma Gandhi said about cleanliness? No, then read the article till the end…

The Minister has urged everybody to join the drive with fervor and help achieve the goal of Sankalp Se Siddhi. He said it will be the largest cleanliness drive in the world. In this more than 75 lakh tonnes of waste, primarily plastic waste,  from different parts of the country, will be collected and further processed in a ‘Waste to Wealth’ model. The drive aims to propagate the mantra of “Clean India: Safe India”.

Individuals, organizations, schools, stakeholders, etc. can register by clicking on the below link for participating in the campaign.

Registration Link

What or how schools can contribute to the Clean India Drive?

The education system plays a vital role in any country’s social and cultural ecosystem, especially in a developing country like ours. Therefore we think that the schools should also contribute to the Clean India Drive. There are many ways in which educational institutions can contribute, for example

  1. They can organize theme based competions, like drawing, singing competitions, essay writing, etc. Organaize competitions in different age group or class. Our suggestion will be to invlove, students from early classes.
  2. They can have skits or plays during the morming assembly session to sensitize the students, parents/guardins, school staff about the drive, waste management, etc.
  3. They can have Clean Inda Drive Officer in the school who can be the ambassador for their school. The School Management can decide whether officer has to be selected from the students or school staff.
  4. Competitions can be organized for parents/guardians too.
  5. Schools can have a fortnight or a month dedicated to this drive. We would suggest first week of the month to be annonced as a “Clean India, Green India” week.
  6. Schools can have t-shirts for their students and school staff, which they have to wear once a week.
  7. Schools can organize a plastic collection drives, and help government in collectin it.

We believe that the concept of “Clean India, Green India” should be reiterated and should resonate from every corner of the country so that we never forget it. After some time it will become part of our lifestyle.

Gandhi Ji’s quote on cleanliness: –

When there is both inner and outer cleanliness, it approaches godliness!

Mahatma Gandhi

So tell us in the comments box, how you are or can contribute to the Clean India Drive?

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