Climate Science Quiz to celebrate Iconic Science Week

Climate Science Quiz

Climate Science Quiz is being organized to celebrate the Iconic Science Week for the School Students. The aim of the quiz is to communicate and popularize Atmospheric and Meteorological Sciences among school-going children as well as graduate and undergraduate science students.

School students from India and SAMA countries can participate in the quiz competition. The interested students can also register for attending the webinar on the life and work of two renowned Nobel Laureates, namely Prof Sukuro Manabe, Meteorologist, and Prof Klaus Hasselmann, Oceanographer.

How to participate in the Climate Science Quiz?

  1. The quiz is for school students from Class 9 to 12th only.
  2. The interested candidate must give personal information like Full Name, Class/Grade, valid e-mail id, name of the school, etc.
  3. The candidate must create a login on the VVM website.
  4. Click here to participate in the quiz.
  5. Students can participate from 22nd Feb to 20th March 2022.
  6. Click here to register for the quiz.

Note: We would request the interested school students to read the Terms and Conditions, which can be read-only during the registration process.

Which are SAMA and participating countries?

South Asian Meteorological Association (SAMA) is a non-profit scientific society of nine south Asian countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka engaged in promoting regional cooperation in the field of meteorology and allied sciences

We would request the School Students, School Teachers, and the parents to encourage the school students to participate in the quiz.

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