CSIR Innovation Award for School Children Competition

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Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) has announced CSIR Innovation Award for School Children’s competition.

The aim of the competition

  • To build awareness, interest and motivation for intellectual property
  • To support scientific temperament and innovative spirit

Eligibility Criteria for CSIR Innovation Award: –

  1. Any Indian school-going student and participate in the competition.
  2. Any student up to Class XII can participate.
  3. The student should be below 18 years of age on 1st January 2021.

Submission of Entries:

  1. Proposals can be submitted by a student or a group of students. However, a single award will be given to a group of students
  2. 30th April 2021 31st May 2021 is the last date for submission of entries.
  3. The entry is to be submitted in hard copy along with the authentication letter from the school.
  4. Entries to be sent to the following address
    1. Head, CSIR-Innovation Protection Unit, Vigyan Suchana Bhawan, 14-Satsang Vihar Marg, Special Institutional Area, New Delhi – 110067.

Awards: A total of 15 awards will be given for Novel Scientific and Technological Concept / Idea / Design / Solution to Existing Societal Problems

  1. First Prize – Rs.1 Lakh
  2. Second Prize – Rs.50,000 (2 Nos.)
  3. Third Prize – Rs.30,000 (3 Nos.)
  4. Fourth Prize – Rs.20,000 (4 Nos.)
  5. Fifth Prize – Rs.10,000 (5 Nos.)

CSIR has also announced to provide training in IPR to selected meritorious students along with their science teachers.

Interested students should go through the guidelines for participation in the competition. Click here to access the guidelines.

The Board has requested all the School Heads motivate their students and encourage them to participate in the CSIR Innovation Award Competition.

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