Difference between Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics

Difference between Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics

Olympics Game is one of the most loved sporting events globally occurring every four years. But how many of us know the difference between Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics? Do you know the difference, if yes please comment? Otherwise, please read the article and share it with your friends to spread awareness. We have drafted the whole article in a question-and-answer format so that it is easy for you to remember

What is the history of the Olympic Games?

  • The Olympic Games started in the 8th century in ancient Greece.
  • Around 3000 years ago there were many city-states like Sparta, Athens, Argos, Mycenae, and more. These states used to conduct different games, which were known as Classical Games. However, the most famous one was held in the Olympia, and therefore the name Olympic Games.
  • The people of Olympia held these games in honor of Zeus, one of the Greece Gods.
  • Olympic Games are held every four years since the beginning, and because of being so consistently held the historians used to call the four years “Olympiad”.

Who was the first Olympic Champion?

  • The first Olympic champion recorded in history was Coroebus of Elis (Olympia was in Elis which was one of the city-states).

What is the difference between Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics

  • The Winter Games were introduced to have snow and ice sports that couldn’t be held in the summer, and thus in the Olympic Games. Chamonix, France held the first Winter Games in 1924.
  • These games are also held every four years, but two years after Summer Olympic Games.
  • This year the Winter Olympic Games are being organized from 4th February to 20th February 2022 in Beijing.
  • The Summer Olympics Games are held every leap year, Isn’t it interesting.

Who designed the Olympic Symbol and What does it represent: –

  • Pierre de Coubertin, known as the inventor of the modern-day Olympics, designed the “Olympic rings” in 1913.
  • The Olympic Rings have five interlocking rings. It consists of blue, red, black, green, and yellow color rings with a white background. It represents the five continents united by the Olympics. Each color represents the colors present in every nation’s flag.
  • Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

What is the significance of Olympic Flame and Olympic Torch?

  • The Olympic flame is lit in the Olympia, under the authority of the IOC a few months before the Olympics. From there the Olympic Torch is lit and is taken to the host city, mainly on foot by the runners, and some time by other forms of transport also. The final runner then enters the stadium and lights the cauldron, which burns throughout the event.

Indian Olympic Association:

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