Do you know why Raising Day is Celebrated?

BSF Raising Day

The Border Security Force (BSF) celebrated its 57th Raising Day today i.e., December 1st. On this day many of the political leaders extended their greetings, like Prime Miniter, Defence Minister, and Home Minister.

In a tweet, the Prime Minister said;

“On their Raising Day, greetings to the @BSF_India family. BSF is widely respected for its courage and professionalism. The force makes a significant contribution towards securing India and is also at the forefront of many humanitarian efforts in times of crisis and calamities.

Why was this force formed?

  • The force was formed with the objective to ensure the security of India’s borders and matters related to te border.

So, when was this force formed?

  • The BSF was formed on 1st December, 1965.

Who was the first Director-General of Border Security Force (BSF)?

  • The first Director-General of this force was K F Rustamji IPS. He served from 21st July, 1965, to 30th September, 1974.

How to know more about Border Security Force (BSF)?

  • In case you are interested to know more about BSF, click here.

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