Dr Jagdish Gandhi Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award

Founder of City Montessori School and renowned educationist Dr. Jagdish Gandhi has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for his unparalleled contribution to the world of education. This award was presented to Dr. Jagdish Gandhi in a glittering award ceremony ‘Great Indian Learning Awards 2021’ organized recently in Varanasi by India’s leading School Magazine, ScooNews.

Mr. Ravi Santlani, Founder & CEO of, ScooNews said that ScooNews is proud to present this honor to Dr. Gandhi “in recognition of his outstanding and exemplary vision, dedication, and commitment towards the Indian Education Sector”. Mr. Roshan Gandhi, CEO, CMS received the award on behalf of Dr. Jagdish Gandhi.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Expressing happiness on being conferred with the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’, Dr. Jagdish Gandhi said that the entire credit for this honor goes to the principals and teachers of CMS, whose tireless hard work and dedication, has led CMS to set many records in the educational field.

Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS, Mr. Shri Hari Om Sharma said that it is the result of Dr. Jagdish Gandhi’s tireless hard work, dedication, and guidance that today more than 55,000 students are getting quality education in City Montessori School which had a humble beginning with only 5 students initially.

Under his guidance, CMS has been conferred the ‘UNESCO Peace Education Award’ in the year 2002. In addition, CMS is also an official NGO of the United Nations Organisation.

Mr. Sharma informed that Dr. Gandhi is the first and only Indian educationist to be awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree by Ms. Hillary Clinton, Chancellor of Queen’s University, Belfast, and former Secretary of State and first lady of USA. In addition, Dr. Gandhi has also been awarded five honorary doctorates.

Shri Sharma said that for his remarkable contribution in the field of education and social service, Dr. Gandhi has been awarded many awards, honors, and titles in the country and abroad, including the Derozio Award, U.P. Ratna Award, Friend of Young Physicist Award, Peace Representative Award, Waris Ali Shah Award, Quality Pioneer Award, etc. Besides, he has also been presented with the Key to the Georgetown city of America. Mr. Sharma said that under Dr. Gandhi’s guidance, CMS is included in the top schools of the country and it is due to these achievements that Lucknow has become the hub of ‘Quality Education’ in the whole country, bringing pride to the people of Lucknow.

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