eHarkara Portal for all the CBSE Schools, paperless communication

eHarkara portal

CBSE has always taken multilateral initiatives to improve and ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the schools in delivering good education to the students. The Board has developed and implemented various IT Systems in almost all the domains of its functioning viz affiliation, examination, academic, etc. to bring transparency, accountability, and responsiveness.

On the similar lines the Board has come up with eHarkara.

eHarkara Portal

The Board knows the challenge of the schools sending paper/mail communication directly to the concerned unit/officer and to ensure rapid communication between Schools and CBSE’s appropriate authorities. Considering all such challenges and requirements eHarkara Portal was launched by the Board in August 2020. This will also help in monitoring, redressal, and disposal in a time-bound manner.

All the schools are directed to submit their requests/grievances about any matter relating to CBSE directly to the concerned unit/authority by logging in.

The schools have to use their existing credentials i.e. login ID and password is used for the purpose of filling online registration/online LOC Performa.

The schools will get responses/replies to their requests/grievances on the eHarkara Portal only. CBSE has also put in place a system of regular monitoring of all communications coming through the eHarkara Portal to ensure timely replies.

It has been decided by the Board that no communication on paper/mail will be entertained from the affiliated schools after 1st September 2020. To facilitate this new process the Board has already shared the standard operating procedures with the schools.

Click here to visit the eHarkara portal.

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