Embedded Systems and Robotics Online Course

embedded systems and robotics

An online course is being offered by e-Yatra on embedded systems and robotics. The crash course will be completely online and will have video lectures, presentations, reading material, references, etc.

Who can Register for the course?

  • Anyone who is an absolute beginner to Embedded Systems
  • Anyone who is an experienced Embedded developer
  • Anyone who wants to start career in Embedded System and Robotics
  • Anyone who is enthusiastic and keen to learn the basics of Embedded System and Robotics.

Highlights about the online course:

  1. Course fee Rs. 495/- including taxes.
  2. Its shall be 40 days course, which is commence on May 1st 2021 and end on June, 10th 2021.
  3. The complete course shall be in English language.
  4. The course shall have weekly quizzes and weekly assigments.
  5. The participants shall get a certificate and goodies.

Criteria for Certification:

  • Grade A Certificate – top 10% (all tasks combined)
  • Grade B Certificate – next 30% (all tasks combined)
  • Grade C Certificate – next 30% (all tasks combined)
  • Certificate of Participation / No Certificate – based on performance.

Note: All the certificate holders will also receive the access to e-Yantra Resource Development Center (eYRDC).

How to register: Interested candidates can click here to register for the course.

In case of doubt, you can also go through the Frequently Asked Questions, click here to read them.

We would request the School Management and Parents to encourage their students to register and participate in the embedded systems and robotics online course.

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