English classes for kids by the British Council

English classes for kids

British Council has come up with an online English Classes for Kids from age 5 to 17 years. According to the British Council, the courses are designed around the way children learn. Children will get an opportunity to learn by interacting, talking, and working with other participants, in an enjoyable, social, and natural way. The online session will have live lessons with the teacher and participants are required to complete self-study activities before and after each live session. The session will not only be about unlocking the child’s potential, helping them improve their life skills, and getting them future-ready.

Parents and Guardians can register for the following categories

  1. Early Years Online (5-6 years)
  2. Primary Plus Online (7-10 years)
  3. Secondary Plus Online (11-17 years)
  4. IELTS Online Preparation for Teens (15-17 years)

In case you are interested in English classes for kids and want to know more about the course you can click here.

To register in the course as per your requirement and read the other details, please click here.

Do you know

Since you are here, you should also know that kids below the age of 5 years get a ‘Baal Aadhaar’ and it is valid until the child reaches 5 years of age. The Parents or Guardians then are required to get the kids biometric (fingerprint and iris scan) records updated. Similarly when the kids reach the age of 15 years are required to again update the biometric records.

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