eRaksha Competition Launched

Course on Cyber Security

CIET-NCERT in partnership with Cyber Peace Foundation has taken many initiatives to spread awareness amongst children and young adults to use cyberspace in a safe and secure manner. One of the ways to spread cyber hygiene or security practices is through the ‘eRaksha Competition’.

During the current pandemic when people including teachers are working from home and students are studying through online channels, there has been a significant rise in cyber-attacks. Cyber attackers have come up with unique and innovative ideas to sabotage the organization’s assets as well as make the normal users their victims. So, it is becoming more important to be aware of the best practices that can safeguard us from cyber-attacks.

The e-Raksha Competition2021 was launched and the theme of this year’s competition is: ‘My Idea of a Safe and Peaceful Cyber Space’.

Therefore the competition has been launched with the following objectives: –

  • To provide a creative and important outlet to children and young people who are currently confined at home due to Covid-19 pandemic, to reflect and share about being safe and responsible on the Internet.
  • To inculcate Digital Citizenship and Online Safety Skills especially when students arespendingmuchoftheirtimeinthedigitalSpaceforlearningandsocialactivities.
  • To involve the young minds and give them platform to voice their ideas and suggestions.

Eligibility: Any student from Class 6 onwards, Teachers across all classes, and also Parents/Caregivers can participate in the contest.


  1. There is no registration fee for the competition.
  2. The participants have to share their original ideas, suggestions and safety precautions in the form of poster, painting, video, essay, blog or any prototype of software application, aligning with the theme of the competition.
  3. The participation could be in Hindi or English language.
  4. Best entries will be awarded prizes and certificates. Winners of the competition will be given the title of ‘Cyber Peace Ambassadors’.
  5. For further details, is available on the eRaksha Website. Click here to visit the website.
  6. Last date for registration is 25th July 2021. Click here to register for the competition.
  7. In case of any further doubt or query please email at or you can call at + 91 8235058865.

We would request all our readers to participate in the eRaksha Competition. | Click here to go through the CBSE Circular.

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