Excellent performance at Green Olympiad

Green Olympiad

Prakhar Raj Rastogi, an outstanding Class XI student of City Montessori School, Rajajipuram Campus I performed brilliantly at the Green Olympiad organized by the Energy and Research Institute, New Delhi, bringing laurels to the institution.

Green Olympiad

Students of several noted schools of India took part in this olympiad in which Prakhar was honored with a Certificate of Distinction due to his knowledge and scientific acumen. Mr. Hari Om Sharma, Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS informed that this Olympiad was organized to test students’ knowledge on issues like global warming, climate change, pollution, water, and groundwater conservation, etc., and also to aware of clean and green earth. The organizers of the olympiad praised Prakhar for his talents and awarded a Certificate of Merit to him.

Mr. Sharma informed that CMS motivates its students to participate in various creative and innovative competitions to chisel their talents for their overall progress. CMS aims at preparing children as world leaders and enabling them to lead the world society with a broadened outlook.

We would like to congratulate Prakhar Raj Rastogi and School Management, on outstanding performance in the Green Olympiad organized by the Energy and Research Institute, New Delhi.

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