Financial Literacy Workbook For Class 6 Students

Financial Literacy Workbook

A Financial Literacy Workbook for Class 6 students has been curated by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and edited by CBSE.

The workbook was launched on 29th June by Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’. The Minister was very excited and stated on his social media platform “I feel delighted to share that now our young students will gain knowledge on basic financial concepts, insights about digital payments and much more through the newly launched book- Financial Literacy Workbook for Class 6 Students curated by CBSE & NPCI.”

The Textbook is launched as part of a new elective ‘financial literacy’ subject that will enable students to have an understanding of basic financial concepts at a preliminary stage of their education.

The textbook covers crucial topics with regards to financial awareness: starting from teamwork and basic financial concepts to Banking, Security, and modes of Digital Payments such as UPI, Cards, Wallets, and more. It entails the origin of banking, the transition from coins to paper money, types of banks, and major operations and services carried out by banks. The textbook also elucidates the significant role of RBI and GOI in providing an impetus to the Digital Payments movement.

In a virtual programme Shri. Dilip Asbe, MD & CEO, NPCI stated this is an important and innovative initiative for the children in India which will help them to be financially educated in the aspects of money management. It shall not only help them to understand the importance of saving and money but as well as helps them to be financially empowered. He also shared his childhood memories, that he used to put 25 or 50 paises in the piggy bank and use it when really needed. He also stated the importance of learning the lessons on money management from childhood, especially from school.

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