Fintech Open Hackathon By NITI Aayog And PhonePe

Fintech Open Hackathon

NITI Aayog in association with PhonePe will be hosting the first-ever open-to-all Fintech Open Hackathon event for ideating and coming up with the most creative solutions for the FinTech space.

The Hackathon will provide an opportunity for innovators, digital creators, and developers from all over India to think, ideate and code.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The hackathon is open to all residents of India.
  • Students or working professionals can participate in the event. However, all the hacks will be judged at the same level.
  • Participating teams can have one 1 (solo) to 5 participants.
  • Participants can use data sources like PhonePe Pulse, the Open Government Data Platform and RBI reports on payments to build on their submission.  In addition, they can access any other open data platforms that they are aware of along with the Setu AA Sandbox or the Setu Payments Sandbox to develop their hacks. By the end of the event, participants will be required to present a working prototype of their hack to the judges, post which each hack will be judged based on certain parameters. While the judges consider the hacks, they might ask for additional information on the prototypes.

The winning teams will get exciting prizes:

  • The top 5 hacks will be awarded prize money in the following denominations:
    • 1st place: INR 1,50,000 for the team – 1 prize
    • 2nd place: INR 1,00,000 for the team – 2 prizes
    • 3rd place: INR 75,000 for the team – 2 prizes

Please note the Judges may decide to award fewer or more prizes depending on the hacks submitted.

Important Dates:

  • The last date to register for the event is 11:59 PM, 23rd February, 2022 and
  • The deadline to submit the final entries is 12:00 noon, 25th February, 2022.
  • There will be a Live AMA on Monday, 21st Feb, 2022 at 4:00 PM to answer any questions the participants may have about the Hackathon.
  • The winners of the Hackathon will be announced on 28th February, 2022.

To know more and apply for the Fintech Open Hackathon, please click here.

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