Firkee bachchon ki For Students and Teachers

Firkee bachchon ki

Are you a Poet or a Story writer then it is an excellent opportunity for you to contribute to the magazine ‘Firkee bachchon ki’ for its upcoming issues.

NCERT is inviting literary texts (poetry and prose) for their magazine Firkee bachchon ki. It is a children’s magazine at the elementary level. The audience or readers of the magazine are of age group 5-8 years. The magazine is published in English and Hindi. The purpose is to promote reading and writing in the early years of children a

Currently, it is published twice a year in the month of June and December.

The submissions are requested from adult authors/writers as well as for children aged 3-12 years.

In the magazine, we keep a separate space to showcase the drawings by children in the section ‘Dekho Maine Kya Banaya!’.

Parents, Guardians, and School Teachers are also requested to submit the creative writings and drawings of their Children and School Students.

To get an understanding and to gain an idea of the type of work NCERT accepts, the participants and their Parents, Guardians, and School Teachers can access previous issues of the magazine from the NCERT website. Click here to refer to the previous issues.

Important highlights:-

  1. The artwork is to be submitted in M.S. Word along with PDF and in JPG for drawings.
  2. The participants are required to submit a note of Undertaking with their original work.
  3. Kindly make sure to provide your details and contact. Anonymous work will not be accepted by NCERT.
  4. The text has to be appropriate for children.
  5. The last date for sending your work is the latest by 30 November 2020.
  6. You can send your work through e-mail at

Click here to read the other details published by NCERT.

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