First Aid Mobile App For School Staff and Students

First Aid Mobile App For School

A mobile app is developed by National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) in collaboration with the Indian red Cross Society (IRCS). The app is for First Aid Mobile App For School Staff and Students.

The First Aid for Teachers and Students (FAST) – First Aid Mobile App is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

FAST – First Aid Mobile App is going to help in imparting first aid training to teachers and school students. This will ensure that any emergency situation in school premises is dealt with carefully by the school staff or students until the arrival of professional medical help.

The complete app is developed in a very user-friendly manner for the Students and Parents & Teachers. The app covers situations like Air Pollution, Allergy, Bites, and Stings, Burns, Bleeding, etc. in the students’ section. Similarly, the app has First Aid Topics, Life-Saving Skill Sets, Interesting Facts, etc. in the Parents & Teachers.

The app also has training modules for Standard 8th to 10th, 11th to 12th, Teachers Module, and Teachers Training Module. Users of the app can also know about the First Aid for Teachers and Students (FAST) – First Aid Mobile App.

It is therefore requested from the school leadership to promote the use of the First Aid for Teachers and Students mobile app. Because of the features, we recommend the use of the app by others also.

Click here to download the Android App from the Google Play Store.

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Note: We do not take any responsibility for any kind of damage caused by the use of the app. It is the reader’s discretion whether he/she wants to use the app or not.

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