Gandhi Peace Prize Award What we can learn?

Gandhi Peace Prize Award

Gandhi Peace Prize Award is given for Social, Economic, and Political transformation through Non-violence. The annual award was instituted by the Government of India in 1995 during the commemoration of the 125th Birth anniversary of the Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. 

What we can remember about the Gandhi Peace Prize Award:-

  1. It was instituted in the year 1995.
  2. Prize includes Rs. One Crore and a Citation in a scroll.
  3. The award can be given to individuals, associations, institutions, or organizations who have worked selflessly in the areas like non-violence, peace, etc.
  4. The Award can be conferred between two persons or institutions who are considered equally deserving of recognition in a given year.
  5. It is conferred regardless of nationality, race, language, caste, creed, or gender.
  6. The Jury is chaired by the Hon’ble Prime Minister and comprises of two ex-officio members, namely the Chief Justice of India and  Leader of the single largest Opposition Party in Lok Sabha. 
  7. Normally, contributions made during ten years immediately preceding the nomination are considered. Older contributions may also be considered if their significance has not become apparent recently.

Year-wise Awardees of Gandhi Peace Prize Award

Sr. No YearName of the Awardees
12015Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari for their contribution to Rural Development, Education, Development of natural resources.
22016This year two organizations were given the awards. Akshaya Patra Foundation for its contribution in providing mid-day meals to millions of children across India and Sulabh International for its contribution in improving the condition of sanitation in India and emancipation of manual scavengers.
32017EkalAbhiyan Trust for their contribution in providing Education for Rural and Tribal Children in remote areas pan India, Rural Empowerment, Gender and Social Equality
42018Shri YoheiSasakawa for his contribution to Leprosy Eradication in India and across the world.
52019Late H.M. Sultan Qaboos Bin Said for his unparalleled vision and leadership of the Late H.M. Sultan Qaboos Bin Said in strengthening relations between India and Oman, and his efforts to promote peace and non-violence in the Gulf region.
62020Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman for his immense and unparalleled contribution in inspiring the liberation of Bangladesh, bringing stability to a nation born out of strife, laying the foundation for the close and fraternal relations between India and Bangladesh, and promoting peace and non-violence in the Indian subcontinent.

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