Geography Olympiad Geofest International 2021

Geography Olympiad

On 18th December, the 4th day of the International Geography Olympiad i.e., ‘Geofest International-2021’ was organized by CMS Participants from India and abroad to showcase their knowledge and skills in Quiz and Model Making competitions.

The fourth day of the International Geography Olympiad, ‘Geofest International-2021’ being organized jointly by City Montessori School, Jopling Road, and Rajajipuram Campus II saw the student participants from India and abroad displaying their knowledge, creative thinking skills, and artistic talent and giving the message of environment protection in a very effective manner. Student participants of Russia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Ireland, Switzerland, and different parts of India expressed their concerns for the environment through various interesting competitions and stressed that our thoughts should not be limited to our own countries, we should be concerned with the affairs of the whole world.

Today, the series of competitions in Geofest International-2021 commenced with Geoquiz, an event for junior section students. After preliminary rounds, 10 teams entered the final round and kept the audience engrossed by their rapid-fire responses. There was a lot of enthusiasm and excitement among the audience for the audio-visual round of the competition. In the quiz competition of the senior section, participants showcased their knowledge and critical thinking skills which were well appreciated by the audience. In the Geo Design (3D Model Making) competition which concluded today, participants showcased their creativity by making unique Science models. Held on the theme, ‘Revisit your Heritage’, the Geo Design competition saw the participants depicting shrinking water resources, stagnation in lifestyle, changes in landforms, and promoted nature-friendly concepts through their 3D models.

Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS, Shri Hari Om Sharma informed that the prize distribution and closing ceremony of Geofest International – 2021 will be held online tomorrow on 19 December from 3.00 pm wherein the winning students will be awarded. Before that, students will showcase their talent in Geo Plea (Choreography) competition in the morning session.

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