Global Dream Shaala on Human Rights Day Launched

Global Dream Shaala

Former World Bank Economist, Sunita Gandhi launches Global Dream Shaala on Human Rights Day in Uttar Pradesh.

Global Dream Shaala

Dr. Sunita Gandhi, Founder, Global Classroom Private Limited (GCPL) & Global Education & Training Institute (GETI) launched the first Global Dream Shaala, an initiative for providing free education to out of school children starting with Uttar Pradesh today on Human Rights Day.

The event, marking the collaboration between DEVI Sansthan and SBI Life, was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Smt. Sanyukta Bhatia, Mayor of Lucknow by lighting the lamp of learning. It is worth mentioning here that the literacy programme is the first-of-its-kind exponentially scalable model that aims at making people literate using the Global Dream Toolkit which is a vastly alternative way of teaching that accelerates learning. It has the two-fold objective of firstly providing an education to the children who are out of school and secondly to make adults literate.

Global Dream Shaala

Inaugurating the Global Dream Shaala programme, the Chief Guest, Mrs. Sanyukta Bhatia said that we are committed to providing high-quality education to one and all. It is a matter of great pleasure that with the help of Global Dream Shaala and Global Dream Toolkits, the underprivileged will be introduced to new and innovative ways of learning. We appreciate the efforts of Dr. Sunita Gandhi and DEVI Sansthan in providing transformative education to underprivileged kids.

Speaking about the launch, Dr. Sunita Gandhi, Founder, Global Classroom Private Limited (GCPL) & Global Education & Training Institute (GETI) said, “Our primary objective with Global Dream Shaala is to provide a zero-cost scale-up model of learning that is both quick and effective, and that makes learning to gain real every day. This keeps the motivation of both volunteers and learners high.”

A pilot of this approach was already carried out with 22 women volunteers in Karauni in the Sarojini Nagar Block of Lucknow. Soon, these women turned teachers and within the first few months prepared 180 women to take the NLM Basic Literacy Exam by NIOS. Together, they made more than 800 women in Karauni capable of reading, writing, numeracy. Later, the program was carried out in other cities targeted to educate underprivileged children, adults, and their mentors. This curriculum which was originally made in 2014, has been launched in slums, villages, government schools, and among school children in Lucknow and other cities in Uttar Pradesh and eight other states of India, some of it in collaboration with other NGOs and organizations such as Magic Bus and Pratham.

The Global Dream Toolkits, which are used as a curriculum to teach illiterate people, help learners start to read much faster than other existing primers and curriculums. Many learners can begin to read within one to two months with just 15 minutes of learning sessions per day. This is one of the biggest attractions for a learner and the excitement for them is real when within the first 15 minutes sessions itself, they can begin to read six words and associate ten letters.

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