Global Kids Fest 2020 prize won by CMS Student

Global Kids Fest 2020

A competition was organized under the Global Kids Fest 2020, a national level online competition organized under the aegis of an educational institution ‘Purple Wings’.

Global Kids Fest 2020

Varnika Srivastava, a very talented pre-primary student of City Montessori School, Aliganj Campus II won the first prize in a story-telling competition bringing laurels for the institution.

Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS, Mr. Hari Om Sharma informed that the Global Kids Fest 2020 competition was organized with the purpose to develop students’ skills of presentation, instill in them self-confidence, and test their general knowledge. Students of several schools of the country had participated in this competition in which this very talented student of CMS told her story with confidence and wisdom. The organizers profusely praised her skills in story-telling and awarded her a medal and certificate.

Mr. Sharma further stated that CMS encourages its students to keep on honing their talents by participating in various creative and innovative competitions. The objective of CMS education is to prepare children as world leaders and enable them to lead the world with their sensitive humanistic approach.

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