How much world waste do we produce annually?

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Do you know how much world waste do we produce annually? A new United Nations report suggests that each year we produce world wastes about one-sixth of the food available to consumers.

Do you know how much is it weighs?

The report suggests the estimated global food loss is about 931 million metric tons (1.03 billion U.S. tons). That’s an average of 121 kilograms (267 pounds) for each man, woman and child on Earth.

Martina Otto who works for the U.N. Environment Program (UNEP), in a conference stated Wasted food “does not feed people, but it does feed climate change,”. What isn’t eaten also wastes all of the resources used to make that food. She added “We thought waste was predominantly a problem in rich countries.” In fact, the new report finds, food waste is a big problem in nations rich and poor.

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