Iconic Leadership in School Education Award To CMS

Iconic Leadership

In a matter of pride for the city of Lucknow, City Montessori School has been conferred the ‘Iconic Leadership in School Education’ award. In a glittering ceremony at the ‘New Normal Education Leadership Summit’ held at Hotel Radisson, Gurugram, Chief Executive Officer of CMS, Mr. Roshan Gandhi received the award on behalf of the school.

As one of the main speakers at the event, Mr. Roshan Gandhi elaborated on the school’s ‘Broader and Bolder’ education methodology and spoke about how CMS is striving to mold the current generation into ideal citizens of the society, encouraging them to succeed in all their endeavors through a combination of knowledge, wisdom, spiritual perception and eloquent speech.

CMS Chief Public Relations Officer, Shri Hari Om Sharma informed that top schools of the country were nominated for this honor, however, the jury announced City Montessori School as the winner of the ‘Iconic Leadership in School Education’ award 2021 for its efforts to make its students ‘Good and Smart’ and for its ‘Broader and Bolder Education methodology’.

Iconic Leadership

CMS Founder Dr. Jagdish Gandhi has expressed his profound gratitude to all the Principals and teachers of the school for this achievement.

Shri Hari Om Sharma further informed that as one of the best schools in the country, CMS has put Lucknow on the national educational map and has made the city, a hub of quality education. In order to create a bright future for its students, CMS is continuously innovating its pedagogy and is striving to create opportunities for its students to showcase their skills and excel in their careers.

We would like to congratulate the School Management and the School Staff on being coffered the Iconic Leadership in School Education award.

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