IIT PAL launched By IIT Delhi For School Students


A new interactive website of IIT-Professor Assisted Learning (IIT PAL) was launched by the Indian Institute of Learning (IIT), Delhi. The aim of the website is to assist high school students to prepare for competitive exams including, JEE, NEET, IAT, and others.

It is an initiative of the Ministry of Education (MoE) to provide free video lectures to Class 11 and Class 12 students. They aim to

  • make the understanding of the science subjects better and to
  • help self-studying students do well in competitive exams.

According to Professor Joby Joseph, IIT Delhi, and National Coordinator

This website will be helpful to students especially from regions where they may not have access to specialist teachers in science subjects and coaching opportunities”.

The website will have video lectures as per the NCERT syllabus for the subjects (1) Mathematics, (2) Physics, (3) Chemistry, and (4) Biology. Classes 11 and 12 Students can progressively learn each of the subject topics given in the syllabus. The school students are required to register on the website to avail all the benefits.

Important points for the students: –

  • Students can submit their topic-wise doubts/questions/problems in English or Hindi.
  • Professors/experts at IIT PAL will coordinate to find answers to these questions.
  • Answers t will be posted on the website and can be viewed by all registered students.
  • Students may also request a live interaction on specific topics in English or Hindi. Once there are enough requests on specific topics, a schedule of these live interaction sessions will be announced on the website. According to the schedule, students can interact live with the teacher through an online video platform, it added.
  • Click here to visit the IIT PAL website.

We acknowledge the constant support that we have received from the Ministry of Education right from the conceptualization of IIT PAL”, Prof Joseph added.

The IIT PAL video lectures that are telecast on Swayam Prabha Channels can be accessed on Doordarshan DTH Channel 22 and are also available at swayamprabha.gov.in.

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