Ill effects of Valentine’s Day Celebrate Family Unity Day

Foundational Learning Study

CMS initiative to protect the young generation from ill effects of Valentine’s Day CMS students to observe ‘Valentine’s Day’ Family Unity Day.

The 55,000 students, their parents, teachers, principals, and staff of all 18 campuses of City Montessori School, under the guidance of CMS Founder Dr. Jagdish Gandhi and Founder Director, Dr. Bharti Gandhi will celebrate ‘Valentine’s Day as ‘Family Unity Day’ and give the message of family unity and social integration.

In this series, CMS Rajajipuram Campus II will celebrate ‘Family Unity Day’ online on 12th February while on 14th February, students of CMS Station Road campus will appeal to all the teachers, parents, young generation, and general public of the country to celebrate the martyrdom day of Saint Valentine as ‘Family Unity Day’ and offer their true tribute to Saint Valentine by strengthening unity in the family because this is the reason for which St Valentine laid down his life. CMS Chief Public Relations Officer, Shri Hari Om Sharma informed that for several years, City Montessori School has been celebrating Valentine’s Day as Family Unity day and is also motivating the whole society to do the same.

Effects of Valentine’s Day

CMS believes that the concept of Valentine’s Day which has been brought from the west is constantly causing loss of character in our society. In fact, forgetting the original spirit of Valentine’s Day, this day is taking a distorted form and is misleading the younger generation. Saint Valentine had sacrificed his life for the sake of family stability and the sacred social institution of marriage, yet some selfish people, for their vested interests, have given a perverted form of cheap entertainment to his martyrdom day.

Today there is a need to give correct knowledge to the younger generation by organizing meetings to pay tributes to St Valentine, who gave the message of family unity and laid down his life to protect the sacred institution of marriage, on his martyr’s day – 14th February.

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