Indian Sign Language Online Course

Indian Sign Language

UNESCO New Delhi has again and again taken a lot of initiative to make the WORLD a better place to live. This time they have come up with an online course on the Indian sign language, in partnership with the Noida Deaf Society for hearing-impaired youth.

The online course is having short videos, tutorials given by the hearing-impaired youth through UNESCO social media channels.

According to UNESCO, we have a very small number of hearing-impaired people in our country who are trained in sign language. With more people having knowledge of Indian Sign Language will increase their possibility to interact with others more effectively.

The programme has gone online on 21 September 2020.  Interested can follow and access the training modules by following UNESCO New Delhi social media channels. Find below UNESCO’s social platform to follow the online course.

Facebook:  @unesconewdelhi
Twitter:       @unesconewdelhi
Instagram:  @unesconewdelhi

The Noida Deaf Society was started by Ms. Ruma Roka in 2005 in a 2 bedroom apartment, which has now spread across many states in India. To know more about Noida Deaf Society, please click here.

You can also visit the Deaf Enabled Foundation webpage for more help on sign language.

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