Interfaith Harmony Conference inaugurated by Minister for Jal Shakti, UP

Interfaith Harmony Conference-1

The two-day Interfaith Harmony Conference organized virtually by City Montessori School, Asharfabad, was inaugurated here today by the Chief Guest, Dr. Mahendra Singh, Minister for Jal Shakti, UP.

Unity is the key to the progress of mankind.

Dr Mahendra Singh, Minister for Jal Shakti, UP
Interfaith Harmony Conference-1

Amidst a grand array of educational cultural items put up by the students of CMS Asharfabad Campus to welcome the guest speakers from various countries of the world, including, Russia, Brazil, USA, Switzerland, Egypt, and India, the enlightened educationists and religious heads poured out their wisdom through their speeches and gave the message of religious unity and oneness of mankind. On the one hand, this international conference was made meaningful with renowned scholars of various countries like Ms. Nina Gonchorava from Russia, Ms. Carmen Balhestero from Brazil, Prof Alexander Chumakov from Russia, Hon Mr. Justice Adel Omar Sherif from Egypt, Dr. Hong Tao Tze from the USA, etc. delivering enlightening talks, while on the other hand, top religious leaders of India, representing different religions like Rev. Dr. Donald H.R. De Souza from Christianity, Mr. Bhikkhu Gyanalok from Buddhism, Shri Shailendra Jain from Jainism, Mr. Harpal Singh Jaggi from Sikhism, Shri Madhu Smita Das from Hinduism, Maulana Khalid Rasheed Firangi Mahali from Islam (Sunni), Maulana Dr. Kalbe Noori from Islam (Shia) and Mr. Anil Sarwal, Baha’i, etc. registering their gracious presence, adding to the gravity of the event.

Inaugurating the Interfaith Harmony Conference, the Chief Guest Dr. Mahendra Singh, Minister for Jal Shakti, UP, said that the progress of mankind is possible only when there is an atmosphere of peace and unity around us. This is indeed a unique conference organized by CMS and its ripples of peace, love, and unity will be felt far and wide. Further, he said that religion seeks to unite mankind and it is the greatest need of the hour to make the present generation aware of this need.

In the first plenary session, the call for love and brotherhood of humanity drew the attention of all as the wise scholars and religious heads strongly advocated the need for these values to establish a Divine Civilization on Earth. Deputy Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court of Egypt, Mr. Justice Adel Omar Sharief said that interfaith dialogue is the key to a New World Order based upon love, peace, and unity. A renowned thinker and visionary from Russia, Ms. Nina Gonchorava said that love holds a place of great importance in present-day society and is necessary to establish peace and order in the world. Ms. Carmen Balhestero of Brazil said that education is the only way to remove the maladies of society and a good wholesome education must be encouraged in schools. Prof Alexander Chumakov of Russia said that we must empower children and youth with good values and good conduct, only then will society progress in the right direction. Dr. Hong Tao Tze of the USA said that peace is not a destination but a continuous journey on which we must tread to attain progress. Mr. Bhikkhu Gyanalok while representing Buddhism opined that people of all religious faiths must work in complete harmony and brotherhood as our country needs the cooperation of all and our culture is based upon unity in diversity. Jain religious leader Shri Shailendra Jain advocated religious freedom and tolerance as all religions lead to the same goal of attaining spiritual happiness and oneness with the Creator. Rev. Dr. Donald H.R. De Souza from Christianity, Mr. Harpal Singh Jaggi from Sikhism, Shri Madhu Smita Das from Hinduism, Maulana Khalid Rasheed Firangi Mahali from Islam (Sunni), Maulana Dr. Kalbe Noori from Islam (Shia) and Mr. Anil Sarwal, Baha’i, etc. expressed their meaningful thoughts. In this plenary session, the learned scholars interacted with the students and teachers from various schools and satisfied their curiosities regarding various religious faith. The plenary session was conducted by Dr. Sohaly Mohajer.

Welcoming the renowned scholars of various religions, the CMS Founder Dr. Jagdish Gandhi said that religion cannot be separated from life and education. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a spirit of love, harmony, and tolerance among the people of different religions. It is with this aim of creating love and understanding that this Interfaith Harmony Conference is being organized. CMS President, Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon and Principal of CMS Asharfabad Campus and Convenor of the Conference, Mrs. Trapti Dwivedi also welcomed the dignitaries of India and abroad and spoke on the urgent need for religious harmony, research, and understanding between different faiths and cultures for a better world.

Chief Public Relations Officer of City Montessori School, Mr. Hari Om Sharma said that the conference also saw several interesting competitions organized for which students have set in their entries. Many of these contests have already been held and the names of prize-winners were announced today. Shri Sharma further stated that the enlightened talks of renowned scholars of various religions from different countries will continue to be held tomorrow. Prizes for other competitions held in this Interfaith Harmony Conference will be announced tomorrow.

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