Mathematical Competition Won By CMS Student

Abacus Competition

Parakh Mittal, a talented student of Class V, City Montessori School, Rajendra Nagar Campus I won the Mathematical Competition. This has brought laurels to the institution by being recognized as the champion in the International Online Abacus Competition. The competition was held under the Brainobrain Fest-2021 organized by an educational institute Brainobrain.

Mathematical Competition

Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS, Mr. Hari Om Sharma informed that students from various countries participated in this competition to showcase their analytical skills. Amidst tough competition, this brilliant student of CMS Rajendra Nagar Campus I opted for various abacus tricks to solve mathematical problems and was declared the champion. Her achievement has paved the way for her bright future, capable of elevating the school’s flag high nationally and internationally. The organizers were all praises for her and rewarded her with a certificate.

Mr. Sharma said that CMS students are earning name and fame for themselves and their country not only at the national but also international level in different fields of knowledge. CMS encourages its pupils to make their mark in various activities apart from the regularly prescribed subjects, leading to their overall personality development. It is for this reason that the students are winning medals and trophies in creative fields, fine arts, music, social service, debates, etc.

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