Mathematics Day in DWPS School, Noida Extension

Mathematics Day

Today the Mathematics Day was celebrated virtually by DWPS School, Noida Extension to honor the legendry Srinivasa Ramanujan, as a self-taught mathematician. The occasion was honored by the presence of the Shri Anand Kumar Sharma, Scientist, Indian Metrological Department, New Delhi.

The virtual event started with the Ganesh Vandana sung by the School choir.

Speaking on the occasion Ms. Jyoti Arora welcomed all to attend the virtual event. She stated that the event has to be preponed as on 22nd December the school students are going to attempt an IISF 2020 Guinness World Record Sundial Activity. 60 students from the DWPS school will be participating out of 6770 students from India to create this record. The event shall be organized virtually.

The students also performed Bharatnatyam dance demonstrating different shapes like Line, Circles, Semicircle, Triangle, Quadrilateral, Diagonal, Diamond Shape, etc. A math skit was also presented by the students to explain the importance of mathematics in our daily life.

Shri Anand Kumar Sharma thanked the School Students and Faculty for inviting him to be the Chief Guest of the occasion. He also congratulated the school for participating in the Guinness World Record. He stated that is following the school and knows about the progress of the school like the school participation in different science activities being conducted by the Government of India, etc. He also applauded the school for winning the First Rank in Times Schools Survey.

Shri Anand explained the benefits of mathematics and stated mathematics is the same all of the world and can act as a universal language. The formula has the same meaning regardless of the language. He shared in his childhood he had anxiety and fear of the subject, which affects the performance not only in mathematics but in other subjects too. Thus, he emphasized the role of a teacher, especially the mathematics teachers. He stated teachers should find more innovative ways so that math becomes attractive to the students. He requested the schools to have the best of the mathematics teachers.

Post the encouraging speech by the honorable chief guest the students presented a discussion on the importance of mathematics in daily life.

The event ended with riddles related to the mathematics subject which we are sure the attendees must have enjoyed.

Parents, School Students and School Staff who missed to attend the event can watch the complete recording of the event on the School’s YouTube Channel.

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