Microsoft Family Safety app Track digital platform usages

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A few days back Microsoft has released its family safety app for iOS and Android. The aim is to let app users monitor and manage their and family’s time on the internet.

During this pandemic, most of the parents are concern about the time their kids are spending on fronts of digital screens like mobile, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Because of the lockdown and the COVID, children are forced to complete their studies through a digital platform.

Coronavirus has completely changed the requirement of the digital world and now people are more reliant on digital screens than ever before. Or a job, education, and recreational activities have shifted to digital platforms, which is one of the negative effects of the pandemic.

So, the app gives you the statistics about your children’s use of the digital platform. It also gives you information about the websites visited across the devices. However, the only challenge is that the user has to use the Microsoft Edge browser, rather than other browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

The app also offers other functionalities like setting the limits for specific apps and games on Android, Xbox, on Windows, Content Filters, Weekly usages, or activity report which is sent on the registered e-mail id. There are other good features offered by the app.

Click here to read more about the Microsoft Family Safety app.

Note: We do not take any responsibility for any kind of damage caused by the use of the app. It is the reader’s discretion whether he/she wants to use the app or not.

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