My IAF app launched by Indian Air Force

My IAF app

Recently the Indian Air Force has launched a mobile App ‘My IAF’ to provide career-oriented information and details for joining IAF.

The user-friendly format of the app serves as a single digital platform interfacing the users with the details of the selection procedure, training curriculum, pay, and perks, etc. for both Officers and Airmen in IAF. It also provides glimpses into the history and stories of valor in the IAF.

The app is going to help the aspiring candidates to fulfill their dreams to be an Air Warrior & serve the nation. It showcases various IAF activities through Glimpses, Videos, Quiz and also captures information to analyze the interests of people in Indian Air Force services. It will act as a strong medium between candidates & IAF. The app is free to download however will require Google sign-in to use many of the features available in the app.

There are various features available in the app like you can have a look of Life in IAF through Glimpses, Quizzes through which the user can assess the knowledge about various IAF aircraft & IAF activities, or you can install IAF Game to do real action in the sky by playing IAF adventurous games.

The app is available in the Google Play store linked to IAF social platforms.

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