National Repository of Open Education Online Courses

National Repository of Open Education

National Repository of Open Education Resources (NROER) portal is having online courses for Garde 8 and Grade 9. It has content related to subjects like Science, Values, Research, Mathematics, and English.

The modules include the following topics

  1. Understanding Motion
  2. Reflecting on Values
  3. Sound
  4. Atomic Structure
  5. Post-CLlx Survey
  6. Health and Disease
  7. Pre-CLlx Survey
  8. Ecosystem
  9. Proportional Reasoning
  10. Linear Equations
  11. English Elementary
  12. English Beginner
  13. Geometric Reasoning Part II
  14. Geometric Reasoning Part I

The interested students and teachers are not required for any kind of registration to take the online courses. The modules have been designed and developed meticulously.

The portal also has eResources or eLibrary with very good content. It has huge content in different formats like videos, images, audio, and documents.

Click here to visit the National Repository of Open Education online course. | Click here to visit the eLibrary.

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