National Youth Day 2021 celebration by School

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We request all the schools to celebrate National Youth Day 2021.

In order to honor the contributions of Swami Vivekananda, the Govt. of India will be celebrating his birth anniversary on 12th January. His birthday is celebrated as National Youth Day in the country and around the world.

The main objective of the celebration is to propagate the philosophy and the ideals of Swami Vivekananda and to promote rational thinking among the youth of the country.

Numerous functions are organized across the country to mark this occasion and the same is expected by the Schools.

CBSE has advised the school’s to organize the following suggestive activities in an online mode to celebrate this day on 12th January 202:

1. Youth as Growth and Peace Ambassador

a. Sensitization program for students to participate in peace-building activities in their local community.

b. They may be encouraged to create innovative opportunities for their and the country’s growth. A successful young entrepreneur who has built any startup may be invited as a motivational speaker. Live or recorded videos may be shared with the students of classes IX-XII.

2. Organization of Lectures by Inspiring Leaders

a. Well-known public figures working with youth may be invited to give a motivational lecture to the students.

3. Conduct online Painting, Poem writing, Essay Writing Competitions on issues related to youth.

4. Conduct of Panel Discussion on finding innovative solutions to the problems faced by the youth in the country.

5. Organization of Musical Youth Festival in which students are given the opportunity to perform.

6. Encouraging students to participate in an online elocution competition at the Main Vivekanand Banna Chahta Hoon platform of the Ministry of Youth Affairs.

Please click here to read the CBSE circular on National Youth Day 2021.