NBT Story Lounge For Children by National Book Trust

NBT Story Lounge

National Book Trust, India in partnership with Prasar Bharati’s External Services Division of All India Radio, has launched a unique storytelling festival called – NBT Story Lounge for children. The initiative aims at inspiring people across the nation with an engaging storytelling experience and to fortify the art and essence of storytelling.

NBT Story Lounge

It features celebrated children’s authors and storytellers narrating interesting and unique stories from selected children’s books published by the National Book Trust, India. You can find interesting stories on Munshi Premchand, ‘The Magical Needles’, ‘Dadi Ki Dileri’, ‘Balak Ki Seekh’, ‘Bada Moorkh Kaun’and various others. Hence we would request you to take some time from your busy schedule and listen to the interesting stories.

Story Lounge is broadcasted daily bringing one new story every day on All India Radio Channels of AIR FM Gold, AIR LiveNews 24×7, AIR Indraprasth every morning at 7:20 am. In case the first telecast is missed then the children can listen to the repeat broadcast at 10:20 pm.

Interested listeners can access the stories on mobile apps viz. NewsOnAir and on All India Radio Live.

In addition, Story Lounge is also telecasted every Saturday at the YouTube channel of World Services AIR Hindi at 11.30 am and World Services AIR English at 7.30 pm.

To ensure that the interested listeners do not miss any story, the stories are made available on National Book Trust, India’s website www.nbtindia.gov.in as well as on its YouTube channel YouTube/NBTIndia.

The stories are also available on all of the social media platforms of National Book Trust, India.

The stories are broadcasted in English and Hindi language, and soon stories will be available in other regional Indian languages. NBT is also planning to air the stories across various stations of AIR.

Click here to visit the NBT Story Lounge YouTube Channel.

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