Neutron stars may not be as squishy as

Neutron Stars

A new study of the most massive known neutron stars suggests that it has a surprisingly large diameter, suggesting that the matter within isn’t as squishy as some theories predicted.

Before reading further do you know what is a Neutron Star?

At the end of its life a giant or massive star explodes as a supernova, and its core collapses as a tiny and superdense object. These small, incredibly dense objects are called neutron stars. Read more…

According to NICER astrophysicist Zaven Arzoumanian of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, a neutron star is extraordinarily dense — like compressing Mount Everest into a teaspoon. He stated, “We don’t know what happens to matter when it’s crushed to this extreme point.”

The study suggests, the conditions in its core are dependent on the size of the star i.e. the more massive the neutron star, the more extreme the conditions in its core.

According to Cole Miller there are theories that predict the more massive neutron star should have a radius that is smaller and the matter inside neutron stars is not as squeezable as many people had predicted. He works as astrophysicist in the University of Maryland in College Park.

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