Online Civil Services Conclave

Civil Services

City Montessori School organized an online ‘Civil Services Conclave’ today in which CMS alumni, Mr. Hasan Ahmad, IRS; Ms. Preeti Priyadrashini, IPS and Ms. Sonali Giri, IAS shared their experiences of student life in CMS and their experiences as civil servants with the current CMS students who dream of joining the coveted services. Over 650 participating students from various CMS campuses got various tips ongoing for the civil services as a career option and on preparing for this difficult exam. The three illustrious alumni also answered various queries put up by the students on this occasion like how to select optional subjects, how to formulate strategy, etc.

Earlier, while inaugurating the conclave, CMS Founder and renowned educationist, Dr Jagdish Gandhi said that Class XII is a stage after which students have to make a choice for their career and their entire life depends on this choice. The purpose of this conclave is to guide students on the correct path.

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While speaking to CMS students about his experiences as a CMS student and an IRS Officer, Mr. Hasan Ahmad said that he still counts CMS as the greatest achievement in his life. Here he got lessons in morality, interacted with visitors from abroad, gained global exposure, and got great competitors, beating whom was like beating the best in India. He said that Civil Services gives us an opportunity to put in your best ideas for the development of the country. He motivated the students to work hard as hard work has the ability to beat even the best of talents. Ms. Preeti Priyadarshini, IPS, said that the all-around development that a school like CMs stresses, is very important. It diversifies your personality and lessens your fear. The all-around development prepares us to accept our future challenges. She called upon all students to participate in every school activity as it is aimed at preparing us for our future.

CMS Alumna, Sonali Giri, IAS, said that CMS prepares its students for the hardest tests of life. She said that she owes CMS the courage it has given her to face various challenges that she has been coming across in her job. While answering CMS students’ questions on choosing subjects for the UPSC exam, she said that UPSC has scope for students coming from every stream.


You just need to test yourself and never copy anybody’s success. In her address delivered on this occasion, Prof. Geeta Kingdon, President CMS, said that students face great difficulties in choosing their careers because they lack the necessary information and guidance. In such a scenario, this conclave is a golden opportunity for the students. She told the students to do whatever they choose with full dedication and diligence. CMS Founder-Director, Dr. Bharti Gandhi said that CMS is proud of its talented students, many of whom, after passing out from the threshold of the school, are adorning various responsible decision-making positions and are bringing laurels to the school. She proposed the Vote of Thanks to concluding the conclave.

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