Pedagogical Leadership Handbook launched for School Principals

Pedagogical Leadership Handbook

Pedagogical Leadership Handbook launched for School Principals launched by CBSE on its official website. This handbook is a collaborative effort between CBSE and NIEPA (National Institute for Educational Planning and Administration).

This handbook aims to prepare a school leadership to traverse the path from being just an administrator to a self-aware individual who understands, acts and reflects on the processes for evolving as a Pedagogical Leader.

The Pedagogical Leadership handbook consists of four parts:

  1. Part one deals with the concept of school Leadership. It further explains the four types of effects of school leadership for ensuring student learning i.e., influencing others, directing others, empowering others and working with others.
  2. Part two provides the Pedagogical Leadership Framework for leading learning. The framework has its moorings in research-based evidence in the Indian context, practitioners’ lived experiences, their experiential learning and lessons drawn from implementing school leadership development programmes across the country.
  3. It describes the steps for developing a school’s Annual Pedagogical Plan (APP) with detailed explanations on how to identify the gaps and how to address them.
  4. Part four of the handbook consists of an exhaustive repository of resource materials and processes/methodology in the form of tutorials for capacity building of principals on the Pedagogical Leadership Framework for Leading Learning.

According to CBSE, School Principlas shall be trained on Pedagogical Leadership to facilitate proper integration of the suggestions/recommendations of the handbook in the school system.

CBSE soon shall be sharing the details of the training. The Board has requested all the Principals and School Leaders to go through the handbook. This will help them to prepare themselves for the forthcoming training and preparation of a blueprint for its implementation.

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