Peer mediation in schools course for Students and Teachers

Peer mediation in schools

Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, New Delhi, an autonomous body under the Ministry of Culture has come up with a course on peer mediation in schools. The institution encourages the use of Peer mediation for constructive resolution of disputes.

This course will take the participants through a journey to develop finer skills in peer mediation. It would cover the types of conflicts in educational settings, introduce peer mediation, its benefits, and the skills required to be an effective peer mediator.

It is hoped that this orientation course would be useful for students, teachers, and management alike as it is aimed to promote the philosophy of peer mediation in the overall architecture of conflict resolution in educational institutions.

Highlights on the course:

  1. The interested candidates can download the complete course material from the link.
  2. Participants will be required to read the complete module and answer the questions given at last in the exercises (page 49).
  3. Participants will be required to submit their responses after reading the course. The answers have to be e-mailed to
  4. Participants are requested to read the complete Terms and Conditions.

The interested candidates can connect with: Dr. Vedabhyas Kundu, Programme Officer(Course Incharge), office-gsds@gov.on, or

We would really request the students, teachers, and management to complete the course as Peer mediation in schools is an important topic.

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