Physical Education and Community Coaching Program for all Women Teachers

Physical Education

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2021, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, under the aegis of FIT INDIA MOVEMENT along with the Ministry of Women & Child Development is organizing an Online Physical Education and Community Coaching Program for all Women Teachers.

According to the CBSE circular to all the Head of School’s the program will be organized in March 2021. The programme will commence on 8th March 2021.

It will be a two-week program with 28 sessions in total (two sessions of 90 minutes each).

The program would provide an opportunity for Women Teachers to learn from the best Trainers in the world and reflect empowerment of women in the field of Physical Education and Health.

Online Training Program is intended to train the following category of women Teachers:

  1. Primary Classes: Primary Teachers who undertake Physical Activities
  2. ii. Secondary/Sr Secondary Classes: (a) PE Teachers and (b) Community Coaches
  3. iii. Aspiring Teachers/Coaches

Important points

  1. Programme is only for the Women Teachers.
  2. There is no fee or registration cost for all the participants.
  3. Those who will attend more than 70% of classes will be awarded the Participation Certificate.
  4. Certificate of Merit will also be given to the participants who get 60% marks in the online examination.
  5. Interested women participants can click here to register for the programme.
  6. The programme will be through YouTube, Zoom, & Facebook.
  7. Programme will be in English and Hindi language.

For the Detailed schedule of online Training you have to refer the page 4 of the Annexure A, click here to read the CBSE Circular.

We encourage all the Women Teachers to participate and also encourage their peers for this programme.

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