Pi Approximation Day 2020

Pi Approximation Day

Pi Approximation Day is also known as the Casual Pi Day, is an important day for the Mathematicians. The day is observed on 22nd July and is dedicated to the mathematical constant pi represented with the symbol (π).

Do you know why Pi Approximation Day is celebrated on 22-July? Does it have any connection to the scientist who used it for the first time, or something else? Many of you must be knowing the answer, but for those who do not know the answer or cannot guess it, read below.

Pi Approximation Day is celebrated on 22-July, as Pi value is indicated by the fraction 22/7.

Pi is an infinite number, which cannot be represented as a fraction. The exact value is never known, do you know why. Do some research on google, or if you are a student ask your Mathematics Teacher about Pi (π). School teachers may also ask their students whether they know the answer or not.

Good to know: It was William Jones, a mathematics teacher who in 1706 introduced a symbol to represent the concept of pi.

Since you have read the article, now we will give you a problem to solve. Is Pi Approximation Day and Pi Day the same or is there any difference. What is the difference?

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