Preparing School for Competency-based Education

competency based education

Preparing School for Competency-based Education: Theory, Pedagogical Approaches, and Assessment Tools & Techniques

This two-days online workshop is conceptualized in sync with importance emphasized by New Education Policy-2020. Ministry of Education, GOI has planned to reconfigure school education with a focus on “Competency-based Education (CBE)” for bringing about tangible improvement in the quality of learning outcomes of students and further making learning outcomes compatible with international benchmarks.

For the adoption and implementation of CBE at Elementary and Secondary Stages, CBSE has issued circulars to schools. Further in recently released New Education Policy (NEP)-2020, reconfiguration of school education with a focus on CBE has been emphasized and there is wide acceptance in NEP-2020 to drive schools for prioritizing their policies to improve learning outcomes.

The entire workshop will be a web-conferenced via GOOGLE MEET. Participants will be given an e-certificate and however, the attendance is mandatory.

Webinar/Workshop Dates:

  • 2020-08-28 To 2020-08-29
  • 2020-09-12 To 2020-09-13
  • 2020-09-26 To 2020-09-27

Timing for the Workshop will be from 11:30 AM – 05:30 PM

Registration Fees for the Workshop is INR 1500/- + GST (18%). For registration click here.

In case of any doubt, the interested candidates can write their doubts to Dr. Gaurang Tiwari at e-mail id or call on +918004232570.

The interested candidates should read the complete details about the workshop before registering for the workshop. Click here to go through the details. This workshop aims at enabling participants (Principals, Teachers, and other stakeholders) to:

  • understand the theoretical underpinning of Competency-based Education (CBE)
  • understand major constituents and pillars of CBE
  • understand the relation among Competency, Learning References, Learning Outcomes, and Behavioural descriptors
  • acquire skills for making learning outcomes measurable by specifying a set of learning indicators
  • understand format for framing learning indicators related to Learning Outcomes
  • understand the relation between Bloom’s Taxonomy and Dimension of Knowledge
  • acquire skills for mapping learning indicators on “Bloom’s Taxonomy x Dimension of Knowledge”
  • acquire skills for developing Competency-based Lesson planning & implementation in Science, Language, Mathematics & Social Study
  • Understand ENGAGE Lesson Planning model for Competency-based Teaching-Learning Process
  • Understand why “Criterion-referenced Assessment” techniques are used in Competency-based Education
  • acquire skills for employing “Criterion-referenced Assessment” tools and techniques in Competency-based Teaching-Learning Process
  • acquire skills for developing Rubrics for reporting of assessment data
  • acquire skills for using Portfolios as an assessment technique in Competency-based Teaching-Learning Process

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